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Biography: Josh Stark is an audio engineer based in New York City with diverse expertise including location sound mixing, audio post-production, podcast production, live sound, and music production/engineering. He began working with audio software at age 10 and has continued to further this passion since then. He has worked on a wide range of projects ... See full bio >>
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Known For


ProjectProject TypeRoleDateDate (Hidden)
Mom’s Mind and MeShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 202111/4/2021
Fucking FlaubertShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 202111/3/2021
The BurningShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 202111/2/2021
Wake Up, New York! A Sunrise NYC PodcastPodcastMixing/Mastering EngineerSeptember 20219/3/2021
BathtubShort FilmLocation Sound MixerSeptember 20219/2/2021
The PrisonerShort FilmLocation Sound MixerSeptember 20219/1/2021
Dead EndersWeb SeriesLocation Sound MixerSummer 20217/1/2021
Wake Up, New York! A Sunrise NYC Podcast - Episode 1PodcastMixing/Mastering EngineerMarch 20213/1/2021
Scratch Draft: NoamsPodcastProducer/WriterAugust 20208/1/2020
SightreadingShort FilmMusic Recording Engineer, Location Sound Mixer, Supervising Sound EditorJanuary 20201/1/2020
Raven MavenShort FilmADR Recording EngineerDecember 201912/3/2019
Nuclear BombsPSAMusic Recording EngineerDecember 201912/2/2019
Woodson LodgeShort FilmSound EditorDecember 201912/1/2019
Egg Bubble WaffleBuzzFeed Tasty ProductionLocation Sound MixerNovember 201911/2/2019
Hold FastShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 201911/1/2019
Wedding DressBuzzFeed ProductionLocation Sound MixerAugust 20198/2/2019
OPTO SRadio SetRecording EngineerAugust 20198/1/2019
Anna Comes HomeShort FilmLocation Sound MixerJune 20196/2/2019
A Wounder DeerShort FilmLocation Sound MixerJune 20196/1/2019
The Tour GuideShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMay 20195/5/2019
Original MusicSongRecording/Mixing EngineerMay 20195/4/2019
Loren ConnorsRadio SetRecording EngineerMay 20195/3/2019
Rock MockumentaryDocumentaryVO Recording EngineerMay 20195/2/2019
Mother MotherShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMay 20195/1/2019
Rhythm RouletteShort FilmLocation Sound MixerApril 20194/8/2019
Wanna Make Out?Short FilmLocation Sound MixerApril 20194/7/2019
NYU O2 Orchestra RecordingConcert RecordingAssistant EngineerApril 20194/6/2019
Mature DreamRadio SetRecording EngineerApril 20194/5/2019
Good BoyShort FilmLocation Sound MixerApril 20194/4/2019
Chris CohenRadio SetRecording EngineerApril 20194/3/2019
Ask CorinneShort FilmLocation Sound MixerApril 20194/2/2019
BennieRadio DramaRecording EngineerApril 20194/1/2019
Weird Househunters EpisodeShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/8/2019
Get TogetherShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/7/2019
NarcolepsyShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/6/2019
All Hours OpenShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/5/2019
Me to YouShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/4/2019
An InterruptionShort FilmLocation Sound MixerMarch 20193/3/2019
Orion's BelteRadio SetRecording EngineerMarch 20193/2/2019
Loose EndsShort FilmLocation/Post Sound MixerFebruary 20192/3/2019
CU Tonight Movie TrailerShort FilmLocation Sound MixerFebruary 20192/1/2019
Time Slipped AwaySongProducer/EngineerJanuary 20191/1/2019
Hold OnSongEngineerDecember 201812/2/2018
The TypeShort FilmLocation Sound MixerDecember 201812/1/2018
Curtains LiveLive Streamed Feature FilmLive Sound MixerNovember 201811/9/2018
The GiftShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 201811/8/2018
Queen's EnglishWeb SeriesLocation Sound MixerNovember 201811/7/2018
Keep WarmShort FilmBoom OperatorNovember 201811/6/2018
AvaShort FilmLocation Sound MixerNovember 201811/5/2018
Dead ZoneShort FilmSound TechnicianNovember 201811/4/2018
Washington Square Noise: TandonPodcastAssistant EngineerNovember 201811/3/2018
Strings Attached Episode 3Web SeriesLocation Sound MixerNovember 201811/1/2018
Moving On Episode 2Web SeriesBoom OperatorOctober 201810/3/2018
Street MagicShort FilmBoom OperatorOctober 201810/2/2018
Greater Fools PilotTV ShowBoom OperatorOctober 201810/1/2018
Kath BloomRadio SetAssistant EngineerSeptember 20189/1/2018