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Audio for Video

Music Recording Engineer, Location Sound Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor- “Sightreading”, a short film dir. Ian Tan (2020)

Location Sound Mixer/PA- “Egg Bubble Waffle”, a BuzzFeed production. (Note: End card credits were not personalized for this video due to an error in editing.) (2019)

Location Sound Mixer/PA- “Wedding Dress”, a BuzzFeed production. (Note: Credit in end card listed as PA, but my on-set role was as sound mixer.) (2019)

Location/Post Sound Mixer- “Loose Ends”, made for NYU’s T48, a 48 hour film festival (2019)

Location Sound Mixer- “Wanna Make Out?”, a short film dir. Lincoln Anderson

Location Sound Mixer- “Rhythm Roulette”, a short film dir. Alex Sennett

Location Sound Mixer- “The Tour Guide”, an unfinished short film dir. Martin Herlihy

ADR Supervising Editor- “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse Sound Design”, a complete recreation of the audio for the lab escape scene from Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse. (2019)

Editor- “Shoes: The Movie Trailer”, a parody movie trailer edited from stock footage (2018)


Mixing/Mastering Engineer- “Wake Up, New York! A Sunrise NYC Podcast” (2021)
Producer/Writer- “Scratch Draft: Noams”, a final project for a narrative podcast class. Unmixed as per assignment specifications. (2020)


Mixing Engineer- “Amazing Grace” arr. Corey Stark (2020)

Recording/Mixing Engineer- “Into the Unknown”, covered by Leah Hall (2019)

Recording/Mixing Engineer- “Nuclear PSA Score”, a score for a PSA about the dangers of nuclear bombs composed by Corey Stark (2019)

Producer/Engineer- “Time Slipped Away” by Delayed, a song written for a Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey competition (2019)

Engineer- “Hold On”, a song by Emily Bruce (2018)

Recording Engineer- Op. 64 No. 2 by Chopin, performed by Lucy Yao (2019)

Recording/Mixing Engineer- Original Music composed by Frank Schiro (2019)

“The Truth”
“Can We Do This?”
“Charlies Prayer”

Assistant Engineer- A live set by the band Kath Bloom recorded at WNYU (2018)

Recording/Mixing Engineer- “Moonshine”, an original song composed by Ivan Song recorded on tape (2019)

Producer- “By My Side”, an original song written by me (2019)

Producer- “Somatics”, an ambient piece for meditation and relaxation (2021)
Composer- “Deep Note”, an adaptation of the THX “Deep Note” performed by NYU’s Electronic Music Performance Ensemble (2019)

Recording/Mixing Engineer- A selection of songs from the album “Mint” by Orion’s Belte, a Norwegian band recorded at WNYU (2019)

“Le Mans”
“New Years Eve #2”
“Joe Frazier”

Recording/Mixing Engineer- A series of live sets recorded by various bands at WNYU (2019)

Chris Cohen
Mature Dream
Loren Connors